Leadership: The Central Issue of our Time

Our nation is facing some very tough challenges with issues ranging from the economy and unemployment to immigration, education and nuclear proliferation. At the same time, polls show that we, as Americans, have lost trust and confidence in the leaders we have in a variety of very important social institutions like government, business, media and education. Polls also show that Americans don’t like the direction that our nation is headed and believe that morality is on the decline in our nation.

Leadership is the central issue of our time. We need good leaders that we can trust to make good decisions to guide our nation through these challenging times. We need good leaders who can get the most out of our economy, ensure our nation is safe, and rebuild trust in the central institutions of our society.

Every significant issue in our society requires good leadership to reach a good solution. Of all the things we can do to make our lives better, developing good leaders must be at the top of the list, for all other things we can do to make our world better depend first on good leadership.

So what’s our plan to develop the next generation of leaders that we can trust to guide us through these challenging times?

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