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Americans have lost confidence in the leadership and direction of our nation. In On Leadership, Pete Bowen explains what has gone wrong with our nation and leaders, how we got on the wrong path, and where that path is leading.

Most important, On Leadership provides a solution that can help reunite America, and reignite our national spirit and success. On Leadership provides the recipe required to form the next generation of leaders we need for success: leaders in society, business, culture, government, education, morality, religion and family. On Leadership provides practical action you can take to improve your community and our nation, and become a much more effective and successful leader yourself.

Every significant issue in our society today-from recession and unemployment to immigration, healthcare and global warming-requires good leadership to reach good solutions. Of all the things we can do to make our lives better, developing good leaders must be a the top of the list, for all other things we can do to make our world better depend first on good leadership.

Find out why we have lost trust in our leadership, and why our nation is increasingly divided and headed the wrong direction. Why are the politicians yelling at each other? Why can’t they get together to solve problems? What happened to our morality? Where did we make the wrong turn? Discover how can we get back on the right track.

Find out why, despite all the talk about and money spent on leadership, we don’t make progress in leadership development. What is leadership? What is a good leader? How do we make good leaders? Why can’t we figure that out?

Finally, find out how-with good leadership-we can reunite America and reignite our success as a nation, and as communities, families and individuals. Discover the step-by-step process to systematically develop great leaders. Learn about Covenant Leadership and how you can use it to become a better leader, a better parent and a better citizen. Find out how we can make our lives, families, communities and nation better by maximizing our own leadership.

On Leadership provides a comprehensive analysis of leadership in our nation, why it is so important, what we have done wrong, and how we can get it right.

Many years ago, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents started out with so little and built the greatest nation in the history of the world. We know their story as the Greatest Generation, a chapter in the story of our nation that tackled the Depression, World War II and so much social change. They wrote an incredible story and achieved great things in the midst of scarcity, bloodshed, tension and change.

When our descendants record our generation’s chapter in the history of our nation, will they tell the story of a generation that understood leadership, prepared the next generation of good leaders, and took America to greater heights? Or will they tell the story of a generation that let our nation slide into decline and darkness because we lacked the knowledge, commitment, courage and toughness that our parents and previous generations demonstrated every day when they made America great?

On Leadership (paperback)     On Leadership (Kindle)     On Leadership (Nook)

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